Who We Are

A shared vision to redefine professional technology services.

Integra Works is built upon our shared passion for continuous improvement & transforming business processes.

With a combined experience spanning decades, our team has always been at the cutting edge of tech innovation.

  • Integration roadblocks

    While working with myriad technology vendors, we felt a growing frustration with the stagnant service delivery models. This, combined with the technological opportunities presented by Automation, Machine Learning, and AI, and the evolving job market favoring remote and independent work, created the perfect opportunity. It was clear: the industry's slow, manual processes desperately needed a revamp.

  • First-time right

    At Integra Works, we prioritize precision from the outset, ensuring each project is aligned perfectly with client goals for first-time-right delivery. Our platform is engineered to eliminate guesswork, leveraging AI to match projects with the right expertise, guaranteeing success at the first attempt.

  • Expert Matching

    Integra Works' AI-driven platform excels in pairing each project with the ideal tech talent, ensuring expert solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Expert matching at Integra Works means connecting visionary companies with the world's top tech talents, fostering innovative solutions tailored to specific project needs.

  • Scope agreement

    We simplify the scope agreement process, using AI to clearly define project parameters and expectations, ensuring alignment and transparency. Our digital platform streamlines the scope agreement, making it easier for clients and talents to understand, agree, and proceed with confidence.

  • Precise and agile

    Integra Works embodies precision and agility, adapting swiftly to project needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our commitment to precision and agility ensures that every project benefits from timely adjustments and innovations, keeping pace with the dynamic tech landscape.

Our Experienced Core Team Have Managed $10Bn in Global Projects

Meet The Leadership Team

Onur is a global technology executive and an Entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE with over 25 years of experience. He has two advisory board member roles in addition to leading Insead Alumni Tech Club. Onur holds an M.B.A. fr...

Onur Kirazci​

Founder and CEO​

Mehmet is a result driven finance professional with strong commercial and operational experience developed through senior positions in multinational companies operating in EMEA, currently based in London with ov...

Mehmet Geveci​​

Co Founder and CFO​

Mohit, a global tech leader with 30 years of experience, 20+ in MEA, blends entrepreneurship with expertise. He holds a Certification in Digital Strategy and Action from Babson College, a Certification in the Digital Transformation Progra...

Mohit Arora​

Co Founder and COO​

Malte is a seasoned IT services and consulting professional, boasting over two decades of extensive experience. His expertise encompasses IT strategy, operations, infrastructure, and service management.

Malte Geierhos​


Khaled is an accomplished Leader with 35 years of experience with assignments in EMEA, India, Japan, Korea, China and Thailand. Khaled holds an MS in Engineering Management from University of California Berkeley, a Masters Deg...

Khaled Beshir​

Co Founder and CBO​
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